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Vocational Services

Vocational Services

Vocational Services, Witco, Inc.

“Our custodial team keeps the Federal Building in Boise sparkling!”

Witco creates progressive training opportunities for individuals who are currently unable to obtain and maintain employment in the community. All services are unique and tailored to each individual to meet their specific needs.

Designed to assist a person seeking employment to learn about employment opportunities and to identify viable vocational options and employment goals.

Identifies types of jobs available with employers in the local job market and facilitates hiring.

Provides on-the-job training for a new job, job adjustment, or advancement focused on long-term job retention. Develops or re­establishes skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, etc., to achieve positive employment outcome.

Provides paid work opportunities in locations owned, leased, rented or managed by Witco. Develops knowledge, characteristics and soft skills to pave a pathway to employment.