Witco, Inc. facilitates the developmental process by providing an appropriate environment where self-expression, self-understanding and personal growth may flourish. Witco, Inc. is dedicated to empowering, respecting, and appreciating each person’s individuality, dreams and unique circumstances. Each person is encouraged to participate in the design of his or her support plan. Each person and their Individual Program Planning team determine individualized goals and objectives.

Developmental Services

  • Assistance provided to help individuals develop skills such as money management, use of transportation and interpersonal skill development
  • A goal oriented program in which life skills are developed and maintained.
  • Helps a person with a developmental disability live as independently as possible and maintain their quality of life.
  • Services can be provided in the person’s home, their community, and in Witco, Inc. program sites.

Comunity Integration

Services that help persons with disabilities optimize their personal and social competencies to live successfully in the community. Includes participation in a variety of community life experiences and social interactions.