Disability Services Idaho

At Witco, it is our mission to create opportunities for those we serve to realize their potential, enhance the quality of their lives and reach their personal goals.

Incorporated in 1974, Witco was originally created to meet the needs identified by its core constituency: people with disabilities. Witco was the very first comprehensive community rehabilitation program in the Treasure Valley. The term comprehensive in this sense refers to both the broad spectrum of disability groups served, as well as the vast array of services offered.

Mary (MC) Niland was one of two individuals who came up with the concept of Witco about 40 years ago. As CEO of the company, she lead a talented and respected team of job developers, counselors, trainers, career consultants, teachers, behavior specialists, and support personnel who do “whatever it takes” to provide services for adults and children with disabilities. Classifications of disabilities served include: physical, learning, medical, blindness/low vision, deaf/hard of hearing, attention-deficit, hyperactivity, intellectual, traumatic brain injury, autistic, speech and language, psychiatric, behavioral and substance abuse. All ages are served and plans and services are individualized to capitalize on the strengths and desires of each person.


Witco started before public law mandated education for all, and before the Americans With Disabilities Act was on any political agenda. Witco was a leader in achieving passage of two major issues: state legislation prohibiting housing discrimination against group homes for people with intellectual disabilities, and passage of federal law giving children with disabilities legal access to public education. Witco continues to be recognized as a powerful vocal advocate representing citizens with disabilities on a local, state, and federal level. We fiercely defend disability policy that addresses community inclusion and employment first. Witco staff members serve as leaders on various national organizations and the company and its employees have received numerous awards and honors.

What many may not realize is that the services provided not only facilitate independence and personal success, they reduce dependence on government assistance. In many instances citizens achieve their goal of becoming tax payers.


Funding for services, particularly those that lead to employment, is inadequate to meet the needs of the many citizens who need assistance to achieve success. In its 38 years of operation Witco has provided over ½ million dollars in un-reimbursed services and has never terminated anyone from services when state and federal funding have been reduced. With the financial assistance of the company’s donors and supporters, it has always found a way to meet critical needs.

To say that Witco is everywhere, whether you see it or not, is a bit of an understatement. Programs operate 27 hours a day, 7 days a week. Witco staff are found assisting students, teachers and employees in schools, in businesses of all kinds, in government offices and in private homes. Witco covers a ten-county area in Idaho and Oregon with program sites in Caldwell, Boise, Nampa, Fruitland, Mountain Home and Ontario. Outreach, home and community-based services are provided in surrounding towns and communities.

As a not-for-profit corporation, Witco is unique in that it receives no direct subsidy from government or from national affiliations. The company earns its revenue from service and sales with occasional assistance from community sponsored events such as the Witco Annual Golf Tournament. Governed by an extremely competent and far-sighted Board of Directors who volunteer their time and effort, Witco is truly a product of our community and an asset in which we can all take pride. Few communities have progressed so far in genuinely addressing the needs of those with disabilities!

“It is not about us and what we do. The spotlight is on those who exert tremendous effort to overcome obstacles and contribute to the world around them.” ~ Maureen Stokes, Witco’s Executive Vice President.

A dynamic, mission driven, not-for-profit organization ready to meet the changing needs of the people and the communities we serve.